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Mahalo for visiting my Hawaii Sharkfest Website.  Back in the 80's when I got my first glance at a 6-Series, I knew that in my lifetime, someday, I needed to find an opportunity to purchase one.  Preferably a Black/Black combination one.  Being true to my first time car obsession, in 2008 (25+ years later), I finally joined the club of Shark owners. (my story) 
This site will always be a work in progress site.  I am always trying to update this site to reflect my current Shark Experiences.  Comeback often to check up on my progress as a first time BMW and Shark owner.  
My History with 6-Series:
Even though I do not consider myself as a "car guy", during my young adult years, I always admired those who were able to acquire classic sports cars and coupes when 98% of the population couldn't.  Back in 1985, thinking about owning such luxurious items was all but a dream.  The 80's brought professional Yuppies salaries up to $35,000/year and the thought of spending $55,000+ on a BMW, Mercedes or Porsche was even more crazy.  For me, still a poor college student in the mid 80's, the idea of someday rolling in a classic sports vehicle still ended up becoming just a dream.  Twenty five years have passed, and to my surprise, my dream is still very much alive and my dream car has become reality!  Well almost…

Update: It has been more than three years since acquiring my very first E24.  I will honestly say that it has been and continues to be quite an experience for me.  Realistically, it has been absolute MADNESS!  I have never had so much fun owning and learning about a driving machine in my life.  There is a definitely a sense of pride owning one of the sexist BMW ever made.  My E24 journey has only just begun and I already feel like one of the luckiest guys on the planet.  I really do!  Stay tuned...Fueling the fire!

1985 Euro 635CSi 5-Spd
Ultimate Color Combo

1985 Euro 635CSi 5-Spd
Dreams Come True

1985 Euro 628CSi
Rare Untouched Original



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